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VAT gives each Spaniard a bill of up to 1,600 euros per year

  • The 44% of the average expenditure of Spaniards is subject to the general 21% VAT rate and the 33.6% to the reduced 10% rate. Only the 9% is exempt from VAT.


Of the total amount of taxes that taxpayers bear throughout the year, whose cost is around 12,000 euros, the payment of social contributions and personal income tax constitutes by far the greatest burden, but next is the VAT, as revealed in the report on Tax Liberation Day published by the Civismo think tank.


In addition to taxes on work, the Spanish taxpayer also bears the systematic payment of a battery of indirect taxes, among which the Value Added Tax (VAT). This tax has three differentiated sections (21%, 10% and 4%), which have also experienced substantial increases in recent years. Now, how much do Spaniards pay on average for this tax figure?


To calculate it, the study takes the average household expenditure as a reference: 21,233 euros for the 16-29 age group; 26,269 for 30-44;, 31,000 for 45-64 years; and 23,473 euros for people over 65 years of age. He 43.9% of family expenses is subject to the general rate of 21%, while the 33.6% carries the tax of the 10%, the 13.6% that of the 4% and the remaining 8.9% corresponds to expenses that are exempt from VAT.


Taking these data into consideration, the group of people between 16 and 29 years old spends an average of 1,329 euros per year on this tax and 1,259 euros in the group between 30 and 44 years old. For generations between 45 and 64 years old, the annual VAT payment amounts to 1,430 euros, and among over 65 years old means 1,616 euros.


Also, for homes, the payment of VAT results in a annual disbursement of between 2,786 and 4,068 euros, according to the age of the members who support the family.



Academic Coordinator Financial-Fiscal Area - EIP eLearning training coordinator at MAINFOR - Technological and Educational Innovation

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