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The new career of executives

Only a decade ago there were many certainties about the career of an average executive in a company. It was most likely that he had been selected from your personal contacts or by a head hunter who got his information from other contacts.

He would then have been interviewed based on the competencies determined by the company, which included teamwork, leadership, the ability to obtain results in interaction with clients, among other things.

Shortly thereafter, he would have been advised to seek a master's degree and would have had to calculate, among other requirements, the distance and time it would take to travel to his place of study to continue his training.

The new career of executives

In their development, always within the business or corporation, they would have been analyzed your interactions with customers or suppliers, through their information or data obtained in surveys and their activity would have been carried out mainly at the company headquarters and in some cases during visits with clients, with the time that this entailed.

Finally, if he put a lot of effort into his work and became almost a workaholic, perhaps he would have spent a lot of time in his offices, which were a kind of second home (or first?) and where he identified with work. All this, most likely far from your partner and children, with the consequent personal cost that this entails.

The profile of the executive today

Today the panorama is different, and it is good that executives are clear about it. The first thing to say is that there will be almost no certainties in a world that has changed forever from networks, digital and COVID. Thus, it is most likely that you will now be selected from an Internet search in which your publications, friendships and comments from others are analyzed and if a headhunter, This will be done by resorting first to LinkedIn.

In their personal interview they will evaluate their communication in front of the cameras, their interaction in a Zoom meeting and, among the skills, They will analyze your ability to communicate on this or that social network that the company uses.

If you want to do a master's degree you will now be more likely to choose education online and at a distance will allow you to train without having to do long trips that cost time and money.

The new career of executives 1

Already in its development, within the business, the company will have a lot of information recorded in the own databases and in the networks about meetings that you probably have with suppliers and customers through the company's platforms, without going to others' offices and leaving time information, interactions, messages and others.

Finally, it is likely that much of your work will be done from your home or from coworkings, where you will meet for some face-to-face meetings with clients or co-workers, but this will take away that relationship with the workplace and, consequently, with the identity of the company. However, this will also allow him to spend more time at home and, if he knows how to organize himself, with his family and himself. This is not the future executives, it is the present! Let us adapt to it intelligently.

If you are interested in learning more about the author of this post, Nano War, entrepreneur and business consultant specialized in strategic planning for medium and small businesses, visit his Facebook profile here.

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