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The importance of the brand

Many times we tend to make the big mistake of confusing the brand with the name or logo of a company. A brand is more than that, it is the very essence of a company, what its customers will perceive about it, the values it will transmit. That is a brand and hence its great importance.

Our identity sign

And this is a concept that we must make clear from the beginning; the brand is the identity sign of our company. It is what will differentiate us from our competition. It is actually the most valuable intangible of our company. Isn't that a little true? Therefore, it is essential to dedicate the time necessary to define it well and build a “branding” that defines who we are and what we want to convey.

the importance of the brand in a company

Although the brand is actually much more than the name, it is also important to define ourselves and we will have to dedicate the time necessary to its creation as well as the creation of the visual image of our brand (logo, colors, etc.). Not in vain, it is the first thing that the consumer will see about us.

But as we have mentioned, a brand goes beyond a name or a logo. A brand is the soul of a company. It is what our client will perceive us to be. Thinking about a brand for our company is thinking about the values that we want to transmit with her.

Let's define a profile

A good exercise to know what our brand is or will be is to think; If you were a person, what would you be like? would it be happy? would it be strong? sweet? Would it be classic or modern tastes? Daring or more “modest”?… And so on all the attributes that we can think of until we form a personality, our own brand. We must build a personality profile of our brand that helps us define it practically as if it were a flesh and blood person.

Our brand differentiates us from the competition

We have to keep in mind that we live in a world with great competition in all sectors. There is a huge commercial offer of products and services and standing out is not always easy, although it is not impossible either. We must therefore be crystal clear What do we want to convey with our brand?. Only in this way can we differentiate it from the rest.

Another fundamental factor why we must have our brand perfectly defined is that it will be easier for us to determine and get to know data that is so fundamental for the marketing of our brand such as, our target audiences (who are we going to address), our sales strategies (if we know what our target audience is like, we will know how to sell our product to them) and of course we will know how to focus all our communication actions and our marketing plan, which will greatly facilitate the success of our communication actions and our sales strategies.

If we do not know who we are, we will not be able to sell ourselves, and knowing our brand is knowing who we are.

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