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New Year New Life

The good kept and the bad forgotten

And back on the calendar and it seems like it was yesterday and 365 days have passed since we shared desires and dreams, purposes and nonsense that this time we did think would be fulfilled.

What was left of them?

What was left of us after them?

What was left of this message that we transmitted at the beginning of the year 2021? Message where we thought it was time to transform:

  • “I HAVE TO” for “I DO IT NOW”,
  • the “I WILL TRY” for “I WILL”,
  • the “COULD” for “I CAN”.

There is two ways of living: one looking forward and the other looking backward.

  • One with a backpack loaded with hatred, guilt and wounds that we do not let heal and are a burden to move forward.
  • The other without the burden of the past and only with illusions of what we want the future to be like.

Choosing one or the other is in our head and in our will, and if it only depends on us There is no choice but to address it.

One path will make us remain anchored in the past, like a ship stranded in the port; the other, that of positive learning from what we have experienced and that of forgiveness of others and ourselves, will be a springboard that will take us quickly towards where we want to go.

New Year Eip

Years ago, on this day, I wrote;

«Hoy everything is the same: the same house, the same job, the same friends, the same car, the same clothes and, almost certainly, the same everything.

Today The first day of the year, obviously, is a different day, not because we changed the almanac that hung on the wall, but because, in the reflection of what we want from the new year, there is an air of renewal in our lives..

hoy It is not a day different from the rest, but it is because with the new year and its air of change something within us is working to make our world different, dynamiting the limiting factors to grow, to move forward and to be what we want to be. To be".

What are we and what do we want to be?

There is no way back, the past passed, and there is no choice but to look forward, as a blank page that is and we ourselves are protagonists and writers of our life story, founded on previous learning.

Although as «one does not learn from what one lives but from the reflection of what one lives», let's use that knowledge based on experience as an impetus to improve

Take the new year dreamingYes, of course, but with our feet on the ground, from the awareness of what we are and with it what we can become. This analysis of reality is both a reflection from where we start and from the world in which we have had to live.  

Designing the new year involves personal dialogue where, on the one hand, we will try to marry our aspirations, taking a questionnaire what we are and what we want to be, together with the analysis of strengths and limitations, contextualized everything in our environment.

Perhaps the important thing is not the answers but the questions we ask ourselves. Therefore, we must be able to question ourselves without guilt, but with honesty, with reflection and also with forgiveness.

  • Is what I'm doing now taking me where I want to go?
  • What are my true desires?
  • What support do I have?
  • What fears are paralyzing me?
  • Do I have resources to achieve my goals?
  • Are my words and actions aligned?
  • What really matters?
  • How do others perceive me?
  • What are my strengths and weaknesses?

Just as companies invest a few days in preparing their annual budget, where they dedicate their time to reflection and designing what they want the new year to be, let's do that life project for 2022.

Let's cement our plan with questions that sometimes we don't dare to address, let alone answer honestly, with those answers being our road map that takes us to where we want to be in this coming year.

After asking us, don't forget the Spanish saying: “Answer without question, somewhat hunky.”

The entire team ofl Master of Financial Management, accounting and management control from the International Graduate School:

¡We wish you a very happy 2022!

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