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Black Friday, Cyber Morning and other celebrations to add to your Marketing calendar

He Black Friday and Cyber Monday They have crossed the pond in recent years and have become an important date not only in the United States but also in Europe and obviously, in Spain. It is a sales strategy that many brands and companies use as a springboard or opening of the Christmas season. 

This strategy affects companies in two very different ways, it can be a brilliant opportunity since it will serve as an omen or clue of what the client is looking for in the season that begins, or, on the other hand, it can produce a unparalleled saturation in the market where it can be difficult to stand out or even find a niche. 

How to find the right strategy

For promotions on specific dates like these two days, it is best to opt for a multi-channel strategy.

The Marketing campaings that combine different channels (in store, web, email-marketing or social networks) will allow you to establish a connection with the different target audience, expand your target and will even give rise to cross-selling. 

Marketing Calendar Featured Dates

exist multitude of channels that you can continue, but you don't have to use them all. To find these optical channels, clearly define your target audience and which space best represents what you want to transmit. 

Other dates to add to your marketing calendar:

Black Friday or Cyber Monday are not the only dates that you should take into account during the year, there are many other opportunities to stand out Within the market, you just have to look for the most appropriate ones for the brand image you want to reflect and adjust your marketing actions well:

  • Blue Monday (January 17), will give you the opportunity to play with the duality between “the worst day of the year” and “the best offers of the year”
  • Valentine's Day (February 14) or “San Solterín”: it is a recurring and typical date, but you should not forget to give it a twist, there are hundreds of possibilities. Make good use of the channels at your disposal and put more emphasis on those that best suit to your target.
  • Father's day (March, 19)
  • Children's Day (April 15)
  • Day of the book (April 23rd)
  • Environment Day (5th June)
  • Summer sales (1st of July)
  • Back to school (September 1st)
  • Halloween (31 October)

Remember, these are just a few ideas of days you can work with. Do not try to cover them all, as you will run the risk of generating a rebound effect and ending in rejection. It is important that you decide which dates best suit your needs, your product and which days you can best connect with your target audience. Define them and create an appropriate strategy for each of them.

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