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Financial management, on the front line of the battle against the coronavirus

We've been stuck at home for 2 weeks now and we don't know how much time we have left. While it lasts, at an economic-financial level, we will see an exceptional situation where the number of unemployed increases (especially temporary due to the ERTEs), closed businesses and great confusion. For this reason, we wanted to contact experts in the field. The teachers of our master's degree in Financial Management, Accounting and Labor Management, they will tell us about the importance of the financial sector in the current situation.

A great challenge for companies

There is no doubt that, for many companies, this situation represents a great blow at an economic level. Others, however, will have to adapt your work method and productivity levels. It is a time of great changes for organizations that must be faced. Experts in financial management have the challenge ahead of them to tackle this crisis with the greatest solvency for their company.

Furthermore, according to experts, confinement could be repeated in October and November if there is a resurgence of the coronavirus. By then we will have to test everything we learned during this first battle against the virus.

How experts in the field work is what we will talk about in our next webinar on Friday April 3. We quote you at 5:00 p.m. to know the details of the role that Financial Management and Human Resources play in this coronavirus crisis.

Training in times of coronavirus

Both the temporarily unemployed and people looking for work now find a perfect time for training. Coming out of the economic downturn with greater employability that allows you to better adapt to a more demanding labor market is a great idea for take advantage of time at home.

And it is that Online training is one of the sectors best adapted to distance. Centers such as the EIP International Business School have finance and human resources professionals with teaching content perfectly adapted to the online format.

You can register for free and freely attend our webinar where you will meet them.

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