Guaranteed employment

At the EIP International Business School we set out a few years ago to offer an employment guarantee associated with our master's degrees. To access this guarantee, the student will have to meet certain requirements, such as passing the master's degree. “If we don't comply, you don't pay us,” that's how we are.

Talent for companies

At EIP we are specialists in providing talent to the labor market. The more than 130 companies that collaborate with us know this, which is why they place great trust in us and make us participate in their selection processes, giving us the opportunity to recommend candidates.

In this way, even if our student does not get a job in the company where he has completed the internship, he will have the possibility of participating in other selection processes that fit his professional profile.

If you are interested in incorporating a qualified EIP professional into your company, you can contact our internship and employment department.

Internships in companies

The time comes to put into practice all those skills that you have strengthened during your training. To face the world of work. To take advantage of the doors that open to you. How do we do it?

When you decide to join the EIP International Business School we already know who you are, what academic qualifications you have, what career path precedes you and where you are from. But does your CV say everything about you? Of course not! In it internship department we want to get to know you and we will be by your side before, during and after your internship.

We will review your personal brand, we will talk to you, we will get to know your situation and we will make internships in 12 countries available to you. How? We will begin to move your CV between the different companies in the area that you indicate to us. and we will arrange interviews for you with companies interested in you so that you can get to know each other. Can you think of another better way to bring Talent closer to companies?

You have already acquired some knowledge during your training. You have developed some skills during the Final Project. Now is the time to apply it in the world of work.

Your practices will have a minimum duration of 300 hours and they are completely optional. Because? Because we don't want you to do them to cover your academic record. We want them to be a real opportunity for you and that is why your internships will be managed in a completely personalized way.

It's time to show what you're worth, what you know and where you want to go. Will you join us on this flight to success?

They may request to carry out the internships in companies all the students who have passed any of the EIP programs.

The internships are paid, will have a duration between 3 and 6 months in companies in Spain and 10 Latin American countries.

Due to circumstances in the different sectors and markets, not all companies pay the same for the internship period. Contact our admissions department if you want more information about the internship of a program in a specific country.

If you want more information about paid internships in companies, click here to contact our internship and employment department.


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