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Why Cybersecurity training is necessary in 2023

Cybersecurity in 2023

Companies, public administrations and society as a whole face a challenge that continues to grow. And this is none other than exposure to cyber attacks. New technologies, on the one hand, They are fundamental for social and business development, but on the other hand they entail new risks (and reduce others), which must be correctly assessed and managed. Significant advances in cybersecurity are not enough to effectively stop the cybercrime industry. Cybercriminals are always one step ahead in this cyberwar environment we find ourselves in.

According to a Gartner study, with predictions for 2023, “By 2025, lack of talent or human failure will be responsible for over half of significant cyber incidents”. That is, when we take it to the business field, it is not only about being able to incorporate the newest technologies and the most efficient processes, but also the human factor is fundamental. It's key.

Cybersecurity Secdevops

Training talent in cybersecurity is an essential requirement, now, for companies. Without trained personnel who must guarantee the cybersecurity of a company, whether small, medium or large, the company will be severely exposed and the risks to which it is exposed are very high and real.

Who should be trained in cybersecurity

On the one hand, companies have security teams, which in many cases are not sufficiently trained, because cybersecurity was not a priority and was understood as a more or less necessary “expense.” That vision is already more than obsolete. Most companies already understand the absolute need to be cyber secure, especially if your business is fully or partially digital. But if the business is not digital, it is not risk-free, far from it, given that the vast majority of companies are digitalized (that is, they have email, computers, mobile phones...) and that already entails risks and makes them be exposed to cyber attacks. Companies, therefore, need members of their staff to be trained, highly qualified in cybersecurity, beyond minimum training and awareness for all their employees.

On the other hand, professionals or those who are beginning their working life are faced with a almost unique opportunity, such as working in cybersecurity. In Spain alone there is a deficit of many tens of thousands of cybersecurity professionals. Therefore, training in cybersecurity is a very attractive way to become a highly in-demand professional in an exciting field.

Cybersecurity Talk Python Workshop

There is a huge range of professionals who can be trained in cybersecurity. Without intending to be exhaustive, it can be highlighted:

  • Professionals working in Information technology, in any field and who must have strong knowledge, now, and cybersecurity
  • Professionals from other areas, for example, operational risk, business continuity, legal area, personal data protection, etc…
  • Newly recruited professionals
  • Professionals who are dedicated to commercial area, sales or marketing, etc., in companies in the cybersecurity or information technology sector
  • Professionals looking for a change of direction in their careers, wanting to start working in cybersecurity

In addition, those professionals who already work in cybersecurity must continue training. Cybersecurity is a very large field where there are many branches of specialization, so training to have a complete vision of the other branches is also essential.

How can I train in cybersecurity

As we have pointed out, training talent in cybersecurity is an essential requirement, now, for companies. Without trained personnel who must guarantee the cybersecurity of a company, whether small, medium or large, the company will be severely exposed and the risks to which it is exposed are very high.

There are many ways to train in cybersecurity, including self-training, but, without a doubt, The most advisable thing will be training through a Master of guarantees, since it provides the student with in-depth knowledge about the subjects, due to its duration and content. It is also possible to take courses/bootcamps, as other interesting options, if you do not have that much time or if you want an exhaustive in-depth study in a specific area.

In the EIP Business School We have been contributing our grain of sand to Cybersecurity for a few years. Thousands of students have trained with us, through the completion of the Master in Cybersecurity Management, Ethical Hacking and Offensive Security. In some cases, it has allowed them to take a leap forward in cybersecurity, in others it has allowed them to enter cybersecurity at work and, in others, it has allowed them to acquire the most relevant knowledge in other areas of cybersecurity. The Master in Cybersecurity Management, Ethical Hacking and Offensive Security has been significantly renewed, the contents have been updated, given that it is fundamental in cybersecurity, the teaching staff has been renewed, incorporating the first swords of cybersecurity in Spain and the world , in some cases, and both the possibility of obtaining relevant certifications and an improvement in employability have been incorporated, through agreements with leading and prominent cybersecurity companies.

In short, at the EIP Business School we claim to have the best Cybersecurity Master in Spain and we make ourselves available to our students to make completing the Master's degree with us a before and after in their professional career.

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