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Train in Cybersecurity? What awaits us in 2023?

Train in Cybersecurity

In case you didn't know, the Cybersecurity trends have been a recurring theme in recent years due to the increase in the number of cyber attacks globally.

In this sense, I would identify five main cybersecurity trends for the year 2023.

Train in Cybersecurity 2023

These trends include the increase in the use of artificial intelligence in the detection and prevention of cyber attacks, the expansion of the internet of things, the increase in demand for cloud security, the rise of ransomware and the need for greater collaboration and coordination between companies and organizations.

Increase in ransomware and derivative attacks

There is an oversaturation in the criminal market of actors who seek to kidnap data and make economic profit from it, increasing the “Ransomware-as-a-Service business model” that allows people without technical knowledge to embark on the search adventure. of profits using cybercrime, which increases the threat surface that organizations must face.

On the other hand, this year's geopolitical situation will involve new incidents carried out by actors dependent on nation-states.

Industrial Cybersecurity

The oversaturation of the IT market will cause more specialized actors to appear seeking to affect industrial processes, a world in general more vulnerable by its nature, since the convergence with IT systems has exposed systems and processes that did not have cyber threats. current.

Ransomware Train in Cybersecurity 2023

A concrete example of this is the «Predatory Sparrow» case, cybercriminals who claim to have started a fire in Iran through a cyber attack. This reveals the need to protect industrial control systems and critical infrastructure.

Artificial intelligence

The rapid growth of AI in all aspects of our lives and work will also have its impact on cyber. Although new solutions will appear that implement AI as a solution or improve existing ones with ML, cybercriminals will also rely on this revolution to improve their attacks on our organizations.

Since the use of Deep Fake techniques to the automation of the exploitation of systems and software, AI will provide us with new problems and solutions throughout 2023.


The lack of Cybersecurity Culture by the end user, is one of the great challenges that we will have to work on in 2023, the use by criminal groups of the previously Artificial Intelligence will make all types of attacks that affect humans more effective, and consequently the safeguarding of the information and systems on which companies and organizations support.


This last point brings together in a certain part many of the previous ones, the dependence on social networks and digital information in general will bring to the table incidents in which the manipulation of the information that is consumed affects the cybersecurity of both citizens, companies and state.

And not only a server sees the importance of training in cybersecurity to face the future in a safe way, according to an article published on the website of the World Economic Forum, Cybersecurity training is essential today due to the growing threat of cyber attacks faced by companies and organizations, as well as individuals.

He notes that in the era of polycrisis, where the world is facing multiple crises simultaneously, cyber threats can have an even greater impact.

Train in Cybersecurity Training Culture

The Cyber attacks can compromise the security of personal and financial data, cause interruptions in public services and affect economic stability. Therefore, cybersecurity training is essential to protect against these threats.

Furthermore, the same article also highlights that the demand for cybersecurity professionals is constantly increasing, which means that there is a great employment opportunity for those who choose to train in this field.

Companies have to take great care of the cybersecurity of their systems. To learn everything you need to develop effective plans, consider our Professional Master in Cybersecurity Management, Ethical Hacking and Offensive Security

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