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Ransomware technical manuals leaked

A news of ransomware out of the ordinary: “Conti Ransomware technical manuals have been leaked”.

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Leakage by a cybercriminal

It appears that the leak has been carried out by a member of the cybercriminal gang itself as possible in some hacking forums. Here you can speculate about the reasons that led him to do it, altruism, discontent or anger towards the band itself, etc. But the fact is that the insider was on the evil side in this case.

Conti Ransomware, was first detected in 2020 affecting all versions of Windows. It is not an automatic Ransomware, but it requires cybercriminals to direct it towards their victims in North America and Europe. Managed by the Wizard Spiders group, it is offered as Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS). It differs from the vast majority of Ransomware by using a completely customized encryption implementation.

Consequences of the leak

The leak of the manuals has meant for the gang of cybercriminals a decrease in your income since it charged its clients for the RaaS service.

The “jilted hacker” leaked on the XSS forum screenshots of the IP addresses where cybercriminals they hosted the servers Cobalt Strike command and control system that Conti affiliates use to access the networks of hacked companies, according to The Record Media. He also published a 113 MB file containing several tools, manuals in Russian, training materials and help documents which are supposedly provided to affiliates when they carry out Conti Ransomware attacks.

Ransomware technical manuals leaked

The manuals showed the “affiliates” how to develop step-by-step processes to access, move laterally and climb in the access of the hacked companies to leak the information before the files were encrypted. 

Wizard Spider is supposedly responsible for the attack on the SEPE. It is a Russian group that has earned four million euros in one year. 

The leak of these manuals is very useful for many cybersecurity companies and entities that fight against cybercrime, since they can study them and develop more effective plans to protect their computer systems and networks.

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